NYT Turns Up Heat on Menendez, Melgen

A New York Times article worth reading, stuffed full of information.

It’s about Menendez’s “favors” on behalf of his good “friend,” millionaire opthamologist and/or James Bond Villain Dr. Salamon Melgen.

Investigators are trying to determine whether Melgen or Menendez
is more frightening lurking over you as you sleep.

Harry Reid makes a cameo appearance in this very ugly episode of Friends, right at the end.

These favors, by the way, might be worth as much as $500 million.

 While the Times may be tomorrow’s main news, Breitbart’s Matt Boyle is on the hunt as well. 

 And while we’re soberly thinking about the financial aspects of corruption — let’s not forget the sex scandal angle, either.

It’s my guess that the the major media are keeping out of that aspect because they’ve already been scooped — and they let themselves be scooped — and so wish to pretend it’s not a story.

I say keep digging.  Some snakes have two heads.


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