Does Piers Morgan Know Something Atlanta's Police Chief Does Not?

Follow up to what I posted earlier about the school shooting yesterday in Atlanta. Apparently, gun control advocate Piers Morgan thinks what happened yesterday (an armed cop disarmed the shooter with only one person hurt) is evidence that armed cops do not prevent school shootings. He tweeted “REVEALED: Armed guard was NOT able to stop Atlanta school shooting – 

The link Piers provided goes to a story titled “Armed guard disarmed teen in Atlanta school shooting, police chief says.” Is he suggesting the officer failed because he didn’t stop the shooting before a single shot was fired? Isn’t that moving the goal posts quite a bit? No one suggested putting psychic cops in schools just cops.

Here’s video of Atlanta Police Chief George Turner describing what happened. Turner seemed to be complimenting the off-duty cop/School Resource Officer for his handling of the situation:

Does Piers Morgan knows something about this case that Atlanta’s Police Chief doesn’t?


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