Binge-Viewing will Change Television Forever… For the Better

In response to Re: Binge-Viewing:

Ace is correct that with the wrong show, binge-viewing is a bad idea; the show’s formula can start to show.

The wife and I started binge-viewing with “24,” years and years ago. Waiting week after week was too frustrating, so we would purchase the season as soon as it arrived on DVD (usually around Christmas, if memory serves) and gobble them up over three or four days. Now we do that with everything, and love getting lost in the stories. In fact, we’ve bought complete series on DVD sight unseen in order to do this: “Lost,” “The Shield,” “The Wire.” We plan on doing the same with “Justified.”  

The binge-viewing option is going to be the end of broadcast and cable television. This whole idea of streaming and watching what you want when you want (for $7.99 a month!) is the future. The first casualties will be the lousy networks no one watches propped up by fascist cable packages that force us to pay for networks we never watch.

It it wasn’t for the evil called “bundled cable,” dozens of channels simply couldn’t survive. 

Don’t forget the issue of quality. This revolution is driven in large part by the fact that dramatic television is experiencing a Golden Age unlike any during my lifetime. These shows are spectacularly addicting. Remove that factor and it’s hard to imagine what’s happening still happening.

In short…

Down with bundled cable!

Power to the people!