Liberals' Lack of Intellectual Curiosity About Their Own Standards for Intellectual Curiosity

Re: Right Wing Hecklers Attack Chuck Hagel

Seems that articulateness and ready command of the facts are suddenly not so terribly important after all.

MSNBC’s starring “conservative” Joe Scarborough is all butthurt that the GOP wasn’t nice enough to Chuck Hagel and didn’t give him Celebrity Jeopardy questions like “Should I Put This In My Mouth?” (Picture graphic: A wooden shoe.)


Did Joe Scarborough support Sarah Palin just because of her beliefs? Does he respect conservatives who do so?

No, he doesn’t. He screams about conservatives being so “ideologically extreme” they can’t recognize when someone is unqualified.

But here’s a “moderate” (moderate liberal, that means) that Joe can get behind, and suddenly intellect, competency, and factual and policy fluency are in the “Nice to Have” category, not the “Need to Have” one.

Obama nominated a dummy dum-dum whose dumb brain makes his dumb mouth say dumb words of Class 100 Dumb and that’s my fault?

And this was Chuck Hagel after weeks of prepwork and mock-hearings: This was the well-prepared and on-top-of-things version of Chuck Hagel. Not the Chuck Hagel who’ll be walking through Pentagon security every day for the next four years.

I have to be nice to this prettyboy cornbilly just because Joe Scarborough appreciates him for being, ahem, admirably unencumbered by affection for Israel?