The Game That Dares Not Speak Its Name

Legal question for the editors:

I was considering writing something about Sunday’s S**** B***, but according to the ads I’ve seen lately, the broadcast or printing of this term is now forbidden. Apparently it’s a word like “Beetlejuice,” and if you say it 3 times the ghost of Pete Rozelle will return and haunt you in copyright court.

So anyhoo I was thinking about referring to it as “The Big Game”, but I’m worried that someone has also trademarked that phrase. Wait, I mean, “Th* B*g G*m*”. Then thought about coming up with my own S**** ***l euphemism like “Gamus Maximus” or “Voldemortbowl” but they seem kinda clunky. Is is safe to use an anagram, such as “Surep Wolb” or “Bruse Plow”? 

Ah, forget it. Football bores me.