One Finger Salute to Judge Lands 18 Year Old Jail Time

If you’re ever arrested for illegal possession of Xanax, you might want to be on your best behavior for the judge deciding your bail.  More specifically, it’s not a good idea to hurl expletives at the judge and then flip him the finger. 

It’s apparently a lesson that was missed on 18 year old Penelope Soto during a Miami-Dade Circuit Court hearing.

When the judge asked Soto earlier in the hearing how much her jewelry was worth, presumably in consideration of her ability to meet bail requirements, Soto laughed and dodged the question.  After the judge scolded her and asked again, her answer was, “Like Rick Ross. It’s worth money.” 

Read the entire exchange between the two during the course of the hearing, prior to what’s shown on the video.  It wasn’t exactly pleasant.

While free speech might include the one finger salute in some cases, the concepts of remorse and respect seem to have been lost on this 18 year old.  $10,000 bail and 30 days in jail was certainly an expensive way to learn a lesson.

So, what do you think –  free speech, or justified punishment?