Jesse Jackson Begs Obama to Give a Damn about Chicago

Why the harsh title?

1.  This is the man that said he wanted to cut off Obama’s man parts.

2. Do you really believe he’s a Reverend?

3. This is the man that said being the Foodstamp President was a good thing…

Let me explain the definition of insanity to you Jesse:

  • if you teach kids people hate them because of the color of their skin, they will begin to hate the color of their skin
  •  if you teach kids the government is supposed to take care of them, they will wait for the government to show up

  • if you teach kids to take from the Rich to give to the Poor, they will rob
    The Rich” in their own neighborhood

  • if you teach kids abortion is okay, they will not see the problem with death

 Now you cry?  Now your heart breaks?  You have no heart.  You have proclaimed yourself “Leader” and attitude is the direct result of leadership.  YOU HAVE FAILED!

Not in Obama’s city!  In YOUR city!  Where YOU, and YOUR SON, have supported yourselves as Poverty Pimps way before Obama ever set foot in Chicago.

You and Al Sharpton and Father Pfleger, all in Chicago, all preaching Socialist agendas, and all watching the death grow.  The poverty grow.  The family break. Watching the very people you are supposed to represent crumble before your eyes.

And there’s your answer, Jesse, to why Obama won’t show up in Chicago.  If you don’t give a damn about the people, why should he?