Europe Turns Blind-Eye To Hezbollah

There is no secret that the terrorist group Hezbollah has been waging a proxy  against Israel on behalf of the Assad regime in Syria, its main supplier of weapons and strategic support. Hezbollah has also established a very close alliance with Syria’s neighboring ally Iran, and it efforts to destroy Israel.

  Hezbollah continues to wage  global and cowardly attacks against Israel and its citizens, the most recent beign the July 2012 bus bombing in Burgas, Bulgaria, where five Israeli citizens and the Bulgarian bus driver were killed. The European Union (EU) has inexplicably failed to acknowledge that Hezbollah is a terrorist organization, even after numerous of findings to support the case have been published by other governments and organizations

With Assad’s government on the verge of collapse, will Iran or some country simpathetic to Hezbollah’s mission, step up and pick up where Syria will leave off? Expect the Israeli’s to have to step up their preemptive measures to halt any possible future Hezbollah attacks in other eastern European countries, or elsewhere.