Chris Rock Who's Your Daddy?


There are so many things wrong with this.  Where do I start?

FIRST, BARACK OBAMA IS NOT OUR BOSS!  Sorry for shouting but every time I hear this clip I can’t help myself.   Let me ask you this Chris, when was the last time you got to vote for your boss.  The President is a servant to The People, not a master.

SECOND, WE ARE NOT MEANT TO BE A NANNY STATE.  THE PRESIDENT AND FIRST LADY ARE NOT THE PARENTS OF THE NATION.  We have a Creator.  Our rights are guaranteed by our Creator.  They can’t be added to or subtracted from by man. 

Lastly, my heart breaks for Chris Rock’s real father.  Rock made a lot of money sharing his father’s morals and values with the American public.  Yeah, there may have been comical liberties taken but the picture painted of Rock’s father was a hard working, penny pinching, self-responsiblity demanding man of strength.

He would never rack up debt he couldn’t pay back.  He would never set a budget he had no financial means of meeting.  He would never mortgage the future of his children for instant gratification and a win under his belt.

I’d take the father Chris Rock painted in Everybody Hates Chris over President Obama any day.