This Round's On You

[update: although the link below is to IBD, Ace points out that the apparent original source is the kook site InfoWars. As such, consider it as unverified. – Iowahawk]

Your taxpayer dollars at work: the same President who questions your need for a 30-round magazine has spent the last year accumulating enough ammo for domestic agencies to fill 53 million 30-round magazines.

1.6 billion rounds of ammo, or more than 5 rounds for every human being in the United States (not sure how that works out on a per-duck basis).

And that’s just our Department of Homeland Security; other deep-pockets fed ammo customers include the IRS, Department of Education, and the Social Security Administration, which alone has snatched up a couple million rounds. Boy howdy, guess those death panels must mean bidness.

Lest you peg me a Black Copter Contrail paranoiac, it’s pretty obvious (especially to anybody who has experienced ammo shortages at the local gun shop) what’s going on here: gun control by other means. Federally-licensed ammunition manufacturers are required by law to give priority to government purchases, ostensibly to keep military and law enforcement agencies stocked. When they have to fill a fed order of, say, a couple billion rounds, it’s not surprising to see empty shelves at Gunz ‘R’ Us.

But hey, I might be wrong. I’d be happy to hear the president or vice president explain exactly why the IRS needs more firepower than the nation of France.