Dorner's Ex-Girlfriend Called Him 'Paranoid' And 'Twisted'

Ariana Williams

Christopher Dorner, the former Navy reservist who was fired from the Los Angeles Police Department in 2008, is on the run from law enforcement authorities for allegedly shooting and killing three people and injuring two others. A $1 million ransom has been placed on Dorner’s head for the revenge fueled act that started last Sunday, when he apparently shot the daughter of a police union lawyer and her fiancé in southern California parking garage. 

In an 11, 400 word manifesto, Dorner blamed his rampage on his 2008 firing from the LAPD. Although Dorner has gained a cult following among some who consider him to be a “black Rambo” type figure, more has emerged about Dorner’s past recently that appears to paint a more troubled individual.

According to the Associated Press: Dorner’s ex-girl girlfriend Ariana Williams described him as “twisted” and “paranoid.”:

Court papers from 2006 show that Dorner requested a restraining order against a woman he had dated for six weeks after he said she posted his LAPD badge number and trash-talked about him on a website called

Dorner attached the lengthy posting he said was by his ex-girlfriend, Ariana Williams, as well as a handwritten note she apparently placed on his belongings when she returned them after they broke up.

In the web posting, Dorner is described as “severely emotionally and mentally disturbed,” ”twisted” and “super paranoid.” It also said he flashed his police badge on their first date, lives with his mother and hates himself for being black — at one point asking her to act more like a white woman.

Dorner claimed Williams was harassing him and sent a threatening letter to his home. He asked that she also stay away from his mother and sister. In her response, Williams denied Dorner’s allegations.

Records show Dorner did not show up at a hearing in November 2006 and the case was terminated. She could not be reached to comment. Her attorney, Stephen G. Rodriguez, did not return a call or email seeking comment.

In 2008, after Dorner was deployed to Bahrain with the Navy Reserves, he returned to the LAPD and began to patrol with his training officer, Sgt. Teresa Evans. He had worked for just four months after his graduation from the academy before being sent overseas.

In internal police papers, Evans said Dorner repeatedly asked why he was being put back on patrol without reintegration training. On one occasion, he began weeping in the patrol car and demanded to be taken back to the police academy to be retrained, according to a summary of an interview with Evans contained in 2009 court documents.

Evans warned Dorner that she would give him an unsatisfactory rating and request that he be removed from the field unless he improved. A day after she followed up on her threat with a poor review, Dorner reported to internal affairs that Evans had kicked a severely mentally ill man in the chest and left cheek during an arrest.

A police review panel ultimately found the allegation untrue and Dorner was fired for making a false statement.

The LAPD announced on Sunday that it re-opened up the 2008 case that was the cause of Dorner’s dismissal.:

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck announced that the department is reopening an investigation into the firing of Christopher Jordan Dorner.

According to his manifesto published online, Dorner’s 2009 dismissal from the department is apparently fueling his rampage across Southern California that has killed three people.

Beck said he was not reopening the case in order to appease Dorner.


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