Dating a Conservative on Valentine's Day

CAUTION: These tips DO NOT work with Liberal Women.

1. If you love sending your Valentine sweet texts and calling her three times a day, PAY HER PHONE BILL (for a couple of months, if possible).

2. If you love how your Valentine cooks for you every Saturday night, TELL HER GET ON HER COAT, GRAB YOUR COUPON BOOK, AND LET’S HEAD TO THE GROCERY STORE.

3. If you love how your Valentine is always neat and clean but the sofa in her apartment is standing on its last leg, BUY HER FURNITURE.

4. If your Valentine is constantly complaining about gas prices, FIND OUT HER FILL UP SCHEDULE, FILL HER TANK, AND REPEAT FOR A SET PERIOD OF TIME.

I’m not crazy!  I’m a conservative woman! 

First, it shows that you care about your money.  You aren’t cheap, you are willing to seek and fill a need.  We pay attention to the little things.

Second, it shows that you pay attention to the little things.  She’s a conservative woman. She isn’t going to ask for things she works to provide for herself but she’s enough of a woman to appreciate help when offered.

Third, you are showing her you think long term and your version of long term involves her.

Last, AND MOST IMPORTANT, you shouldn’t be waiting for Valentine’s Day to give her flowers, candy or jewelry.  Save those moments for days when you catch a glimpse of her and she takes your breath away or Jill at work has pushed her button one time to many.   When we don’t expect it, it means the most.