A question about Obama’s manufacturing hubs

You know those “manufacturing hubs” Obama said he wants to blow another huge stack of taxpayer cash building?  Does anyone know if they’ll be manufacturing job-killing ATMs or corporate jets?

It seems like only yesterday that a core tenet of Obamanomics is that industrial advances wipe out jobs.  I thought at the time he really should be agitating against farm machinery, which has resulted in an absolutely stunning productivity increase, eliminating countless jobs in an agriculture sector that used to be extremely labor-intensive.  The mandatory imposition of Amish farming techniques would create a huge number of jobs, and also address the problem of obesity, because it’s very physical work once Big Technology is out of the picture.

But no, instead we’re going to have central industrial planning.  Wasn’t that tried somewhere before?  Does anyone know how it worked out?

One suspects Obama returns to this manufacturing fetish time and again because he’s been told it plays well among the blue-collar “Reagan Democrat” types.  Remember in the presidential debates when a college kid told Obama and Romney he was worried about getting a job, and Obama promised to make a spot for him on an assembly line somewhere?