Did Ben Smith Accidently BenSmith Ben Smith?

Someone needs to Gif the stages BuzzFeed Politics went through as they published the first thing they’ve ever published harmful to Obama’s agenda:

1. Those “wingers” are gonna lose the Hagel vote today. Let’s high-five Obama’s infallible awesomeness.

2. Oh, look, the Washington Free Beacon is just making stuff up about Hagel now! Lolololol!

3. Let’s prove they’re making stuff up.  Get the speech, BuzzFeed Andrew! By the way, BuzzFeed Andrew, is it true those are an old pair of Rachel Maddow’s glasses. If so, way cool.  

4. Hahahaha look at the speech. Nothing to see here, wingers!

5.  I just tweeted out to the wingers that there’s nothing to see here. Heh.

6. Oh, wait.