Senator Assange vs the DOJ

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange – who remains confined at the Ecuadorian embassy in London – says he believes that “the U.S. Department of Justice would drop its espionage investigation rather than risk a diplomatic row,” if he wins an Australian Senate seat on September 24th.

Report: Assange sees legal defense in politics 

Somehow, I think the DOJ might disagree with Assange’s assessment. 

In speaking to the coincidentally same-named website, The Conversation, Assange also stated plans for a new party.

“Assange plans to register a new political party, the WikiLeaks Party, to run Senate candidates in several Australian states. He told the website he was sure the party would attract the minimum 500 fee-paying members required to be registered.”

You have to read the entire article containing the author’s interview with Assange to fully grasp the cult personality that seems to have now consumed the Wikileaks founder.  Fair warning, the hero-worship is hard to cut through in this piece.



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