Why CREDO Mobile Doesn't 'Like' Facebook

In case you hadn’t seen it, CREDO Mobile has been up to its antics again – this time it’s had Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in its sights.  The mobile phone service provider has been using its phone network and online outreach to try and pressure Zuckerberg to distance himself from NJ Governor Chris Christie.

The Facebook founder held a private fund-raiser for Christie at his home last week, his first ever such event. Zuckerberg is not overtly political and isn’t registered with either party. While he has participated in pro-Obama events in the past, he also teamed up in 2010 with both Christie and Newark mayor Corey Booker, a Democrat, to create new educational programs in Newark, NJ through a $100 million donation of his own.

CREDO Mobile, a progressive mobile phone service provider that pushes progressive messaging and causes to its customers via cell phone, organized a protest at Zuckerberg’s home during last week’s event.

Their online petition posted for the event demanded the following, in part:

Tell Mark Zuckerberg: Unfriend the anti-woman Republican Governor Chris Christie and match the money raised at your Palo Alto fundraiser dollar-for-dollar with a contribution for Planned Parenthood. […]

 Zuckerberg made his billions off of Facebook users — 58% of whom are women. So it’s an incredibly bold and controversial public statement he is making by throwing is very first political fundraiser for such a rabidly anti-woman, anti-Planned Parenthood Republican politician.

No doubt, Zuckerberg is hoping to recruit other Silicon Valley millionaires, including some fellow Facebook executives, to join him in giving Christie a boost as he ponders a 2016 presidential run. But we need to make sure Zuckerberg and his wealthy friends know that by supporting Gov. Christie they are supporting the Republican War on Women and specifically helping to attack Planned Parenthood.

As if protesting the event and running an online petition weren’t enough, now CREDO has taken to the fainting couch over not being able to post its photos from the event on Facebook.  That’s apparently some sort of mysterious circumstance, according to CREDO, and by golly, they’re going to make sure the whole world knows about it!

The key phrase in the above excerpt from CREDO’s petition is “as he [Christie] ponders a 2016 presidential run.” CREDO doesn’t seem interested in standing up for women’s best interests, otherwise it would reach across the aisle to Republican women as well. CREDO simply doesn’t want any company executive in such a position of influence as Zuckerberg to have any association to any possible future Republican presidential contenders.  And it certainly doesn’t want any donors who might be friendly with Zuckerberg rubbing elbows with Republicans.  This is yet another of CREDO’s typical attempts at political bullying, plain and simple.

Let’s not forget that CREDO attacked the Tea Party relentlessly in 2011 with false smears that were disproved, and then used those smears to attack companies like AT&T (which happens to also be a competing wireless provider) for its political donations to Republicans.  CREDO uses its phone network to run donation campaigns for groups like Planned Parenthood, Media Matters and CODE PINK.  Its co-founder was even invited by Obama to visit the White House.  It’s one of the core organizations of the left’s progressive infrastructure.

It’s time for CREDO to drop the act.  Stop manufacturing a War on Women and admit your real goals – this is a war on anyone who doesn’t share your political views.



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