MacFarlane Didn't So Much as Tweak His Shtick for Oscar Night, Did He?

When you hire an edgy comic known for potty humor to host the Oscars you shouldn’t be surprised when he trots out edgy jokes brimming with potty humor.

Still, the folks behind the Oscars surely hoped Seth MacFarlane would class up his shtick – at least a little.

So far, not so much.

Trying to catch up on my notes, and I see a Lincoln assassination gag which hardly killed. Get it? Tee hee! Maybe I’ll co-host with Tina and Amy next year.

MacFarlane is a funny gent, a guy whose gross humor comes across with a sheepish grin. It’s hard to get too offended by his wit. That said, the Oscar telecast deserves something more than what we’re seeing tonight. Surely on some level he knew that, but perhaps he just didn’t care.