Cyber Beat: Daily Roundup of Social Media and Tech Stories 2/25

Antics on or about social media.

Shameful fakes continue.

Some tweets are best left not tweeted.

One blogger has an interesting take on the whole Onion outrage. One of his tips – unfollow, leave them to their echo chamber.

Women have a way sometimes of putting their exes in their place. It’s just not usually in front of millions of people.

Oh, Michael Moore.

Citizen journalists bust some fakes.


Hackers strike again.

This time it’s a think tank.  But why Aspen Institute?



In the courts.

Penelope Soto made the news earlier this month when her one finger salute to a judge landed her jail time.  But all the attention on TV and social media raised the profile of what would otherwise have been a typically mundane story.  Since then, things have changed for her, and possibly for the better.

So, about that overly broad social media fishing expedition…