In response to I Ain’t No Feminist:

 I believe your faith in forever “explaining” Advanced Conservatism to people who are barely aware of who their congressman is is misplaced.

If you’re explaining you’re losing.

I hear this kind of thing a lot:  If we could just get people to listen to Limbaugh and Levin every day…

 Get people who are essentially uninterested in politics to listen to six hours of rightwing talk radio per day?  Is that all?

We don’t have this kind of draw on the public’s time.  If something is too difficult to explain in one minute, we need a better tactic that still gets us there.

 How about reversing the disadvantage as far as explaining– just say “yes, we’re feminists” and then make them tediously lay out the case for all the Very Important Reasons we’re not (free birth control, Puffy Faces, etc.) 

Let’s make our statement the quick and easy one, and make their explanation the long and tedious and tendentious one that people nod off to.

Now listen, Sweetie, John and I were having a good discussion about feminism until you butted in.  Now you be quiet, little girl.

(I hope you appreciate this is Pure Schtick in the last lines, Deb!!!)