'Sure': The Andrew We Knew

Like many in the Breitbart.com family, I was shocked when I heard the news.  As I suspect others did, I furiously looked through my phone and email for my last communication with Andrew.  It was as if seeing his words meant he was still here. 

The last word Andrew texted to me was “Sure.”  It was in response to a text from me asking if he had a moment to talk that day.  That was Andrew in a nutshell.  He didn’t ask what it was about or if he could put it off.  He just said, “Sure.”  He was always willing to talk.  Sometimes I called or emailed him to bounce off ideas (like my De Pasquale’s Dozen column that was inspired by him).  Sometimes it was to ask him to speak at an event.  Sometimes it was seeking advice about whether to continute in the movement.  Sometimes it was about the thorny topic of GOProud.

I won’t get into the drama going on now about whether GOProud should be included in CPAC.  Needless to say, I support GOProud.  Even though Andrew resigned as a member of GOProud’s advisory council, he continued to support them.  When he announced that he would accept an invitation to speak at CPAC 2012, he did so in a joint press release with GOProud.  Andrew understood how important it was to welcome everyone who was willing to fight against the Left. 

“I continue to support the conservative objectives of GOProud, they are an important part of the conservative family,” said Andrew Breitbart.  “I believe in the GOP Big Tent. We need to unite in 2012. White, black, gay and straight. TeaParty, Social Conservatives, Establishment types, Libertarians and Neo-Cons, alike. We all must find common ground. Not just for the sake of winning this monumental election. But to reclaim the Big Tent, Big Party mantle of the man who united us best, Ronald Reagan.” (January 22, 2012)

Andrew is gone, but we’re still fighting the same battles with the Left and with ourselves.  Am I up for the task of continuing to fight for the movement that Andrew believed in?  Sure.