HuffPo's radical drone policy


The Huffington Post, also known as the Hugo Chávez fan club, is running a lead story, “U.S. Drone Policy,” that features a photo of American-born Islamic terrorist Anwar Al-Awlaki amidst several photographs of dead children. The image, which would be right at home on the Arabic version of Al-Jazeera or worse propaganda outlets, could imply that the U.S. military kills children and civilians with drones as a matter of policy.

The provocative gesture is a reminder that the détente between left and right over Sen. Rand Paul’s filibuster on drone policy is a very shallow one. Even Paul admits that there is a case for using drones abroad, and that due process rights do not apply at war in enemy territory. HuffPo appears to disagree, and joins our enemies in suggesting that our war against terrorists is really a war against the innocents among whom they cower.