Cyber Beat: Daily Roundup of Social Media and Tech Stories 3/13

Social Media Trends and Faux Pas.

Interesting read, as the AMA sessions have in fact become influential over time.


A happy Facebook story.  ‘This is truly a miracle,’ said Paula to WQAD.Com. ‘We just feel like our prayers have been answered.’

How an arcane law that came out of the Robert Bork confirmation hearings held up Netflix’s plans to connect with Facebook in the US.


Bad idea: Tweeting nasty things about the dude who’s supposed to operate on you.

Hoaxes, Harassment and Hacking.

I must admit, I have a massive geek crush on Sherlock.  But I know where to draw the line…


And yet another stalker.


Latest on the recent hacking/doxing of celebrities and high profile political figures.

That’s a lot of dots.

Concerns about the unintended consequences of CISPA remain.

This article below doesn’t necessarily provide much in the way of information on what to do when you’re swatted, but it does cover some recent developments.  It also assumes law enforcement can simply trace the calls real-time, which they cannot.  There is long-standing history on why that isn’t possible and it has to do with deficiencies in the 911 dispatch communications systems, which need updating.  Read about some of that here.

In the Courts.

Bad news for the guys at Pirate Bay in their ongoing legal battle.

Don’t send dumb emails to senators:  In his opposition to a lawmaker’s proposal for limits on rapid reloading of assault weapons, Everett Basham sent an email to California Senator Leland Yee with threatening content.  An excerpt: “I own a Barret 50 caliber sniper rifle and can hit a spinal cord at 1.5 miles making a head become red mist,” the email states. “I have 39 confirmed kills in afganistan (sic). Don’t make me get to 40.”


When politics and video gaming collide:


Al Qaeda #FAIL.