Media stunt cleanup, Aisle 6

In response to If Mark Kelly Was Attempting a Media Stunt…:

I’ve been wondering about this since the moment I saw the Kelly AR-15 story.  I also wonder what the point of this “stunt” was supposed to be.  The system appears to have worked quite well.  He left the shop knowing that he’d be waiting 20 days for his weapon, and would then be required to pass a background check.  I don’t see much here that could be presented to even the most high-strung gun-control nuts as a shocking revelation.  As AWR Hawkins noted, he could have gone for a new gun and instant background check if he wanted to pull off some burlesque routine about “cash and carry assault rifles.”  

Traipsing onto CNN to bleat about how “public access to these weapons is too easy, as I demonstrated the other day” is the kind of laughable swill you get from a little kid who gets caught with his hand in Mom’s purse, and insists he was just trying to rearrange the contents so Mom could find her car keys more easily.  He demonstrated no such thing – he still doesn’t have the weapon!

This is moron bait, not a serious contribution to any “national gun discussion.”  It’s deeply disappointing that Mark Kelly would scramble to make cheesy excuses to save face, instead of admitting either (a) he just wanted to buy the gun for himself, or (b) he’s completely ignorant of the laws he protests against, and made a fool of himself trying to execute a double backflip from the political stunt diving board.  But ignorance and dishonesty are the stock-in-trade of the gun control movement, aren’t they?