Six Questions for a Black Revolutionary

 According to my Black Revolutionary “associates”, I’m standing on the wrong side of history.  I would be a great voice to help bring in the new revolution.

OK. I’ll sign up.  But I have 6 questions first:

  1. When is the Revolution coming?  Does the average black American know that it’s on its way?  The Obama administration is telling the American people the economy is on the road to recovery, is he lying?
  2. Is this the purpose of the free Obama phones?  To contact black Anerica, via government funded and traceable phones, and make them aware the Revolution will now be televised? (only half joking)
  3. Does the Revolution involve bringing down the current American system? Replacing it with what?  And what happens to the people completely dependent on the current system if it no longer exists?
  4. If the Revolution is coming, why are they disarming the American people? Especially in cities and states with high concentrations of black people?
  5. Is Chicago, a city completely ruled by Progressives and Revolutionaries, the template for pushing forward this Revolution?  If so, then what does the gangs, violence, poverty, and death mean for black America’s role in the Revolution?
  6. If you truly believe a black man will NEVER be treated fairly in America, what do you think will happen when you no longer have the Constitution to restrain the government?  No such thing as ILLEGAL search and seizure?  No right to an attorney?  No right to say F the police or George Bush hates black people?  No right to call out in the name of Jesus?  No right to have a gun?  No protection from double jeopardy or a right to be tried in front of a group of your peers?  Do you really think the black man will fare better?

Have they explained any of these thing to you?  If not, I’d stop calling for a Black Revolution and start asking some questions.



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