Academic babble and the strangulation of thought

In response to Thanks A Lot, You Guys :

You’re probably right about their future in academia.  I’m always struck by how thoroughly the verbal static of academic-speak dissolves rational thought in a cloud of buzzwords.  Ideas have no intrinsic meaning – it matters who the speaker is, who the listener is, and the relative balance of power and victimhood between the two.

The characters in this video are really just an absurd distillation of the way most conversations are conducted on the Left these days.  Even class warfare bromides can be set aside, if the subject is a leftist in good standing who serves the Cause and speaks truth to the right Power.  Nothing they say makes any sense when it’s simply written down on a sheet of paper and handed to an unsuspecting reader who doesn’t know all the victimhood “context” surrounding the conversation.  As we’ve been snarking for the last few days, try swinging by Matt Yglesias’ million-dollar luxury apartment and ask if he still thinks property is an illusion.