2+ Months After NY SAFE Act Passed, NY Police Still Not Exempt From Law

It’s been over two months since the the New York Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement (S.A.F.E) Act of 2013 was passed by the New York State Legislature, and a major oversight has still not been corrected.

 Assemblyman Steve McLaughlan told Rusty Weiss of the Mental Recession that for months now, the Cuomo administration may have been misleading the public about whether or not law enforcement were exempt.

He writes, “Since the day the bill passed they’ve insisted that police were exempt. They’re not exempt and never have been. Not even the National Guard is exempt currently.”

Yet since the S.A.F.E Act was hastily passed, the Cuomo administration has been insisting the opposite.

In two different reports, Cuomo spokesman Matthew Wing made similar statements alleging police officers would not be affected by the law.

Assemblyman McLaughlin, however explained to Weiss that is not the case. Legislators are actually in the process of enacting changes to the law as part of the state budget in order to fix the problem. 

The proposed exemption would allow police officers to carry more than seven rounds, and to respond to an incident on school grounds without concerns over possibly committing a felony.

Rusty notes that Cuomo did find time for a special exemption for tv and movie producers who wish to use banned weapons in their violent action movies.

Of course none of this would have been necessary had Cuomo given the public three days to review the law.