Dismissing the North Korean Nuclear Threat

According to a Reuters report, “Pyongyang has slowly and steadily improved its missile capabilities in recent years and U.S. officials say its missiles may be capable of hitting outlying U.S. territories and states, including Guam, Alaska and Hawaii.

Some private experts say even this view is alarmist. There is no evidence, the officials say, that North Korea has tested the complex art of miniaturizing a nuclear weapon to be placed on a long-range missile, a capability the United States, Russia, China and others achieved decades ago.

In other words, North Korea might be able to hit some part of the United States, but not the mainland and not with a nuclear weapon.

The threats against the United States by North Korea’s young leader Kim Jong-un are “probably all bluster,” said Gary Samore, until recently the top nuclear proliferation expert on President Barack Obama’s national security staff.

“It’s extremely unlikely they have a nuclear missile which could reach the United States.”

This dismissive attitude that these “Wizards of Smart” are taking is outright irresponsible and dangerous. If North Korea is capable of hitting “U.S. Territories”, including Hawaii and Alaska, it is more than capable of striking our assets in the in the Pacific Rim.

One nuclear strike, regardless of whether it hits outlying U.S. interests or our allies, would be a direct hit to the U.S. economy, as it would cripple worldwide financial markets.

Let’s hope President Obama has smarter people around him giving him better advise than what these clowns told Reuters.


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