Hannity Special on Black Conservatives Features Dr. Ben Carson

In a one hour special, Fox News’ Sean Hannity hosted a studio audience of outspoken black conservatives including renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson who said, “As a brain surgeon, I don’t tend to see race and talk about race a whole lot because when I open that head up, I’m operating on the brain; that;s the thing that makes a person who they are. The color doesn’t make them who they are. And it’s only people who are very superficial in their thinking who characterize everything by its color.” 

Author, and Fox News contributor Deneen Borelli said, “I wrote Blacklash because I want to expose the failures of the black Liberal establishment, and at the top of the list is President Obama.” Run Away Slave, creator Rev. CL Bryant said, the Liberal agenda keeps blacks “uninformed and broke.” 

The panel also included columnist Star Parker, and Breitbart News blogger and XM Radio host David Webb who said Liberalism is about “power and control,” and Leftists require that blacks be “allies of convenience and victims,” and are “controlled because they have needs and [Liberals] control their needs, whether it’s government cheese or the tax return.” “This is not limited to blacks, but blacks, but it’s even felt in a community that they feel ownership of, it’s about power and control and when you break that, you threaten their existence, Webb added.”