MSNBC: come for the race-baiting and Marxist diatribes, stay for the al Qaeda propaganda

If you don’t find Toure’s racist outbursts and Melissa Harris-Perry’s mash notes to the joys of collectivism entertaining enough, MSNBC is also prepared to uncritically repeat al-Qaeda propaganda, if it agrees with their ignorant biases.  

Here’s Joe Scarborough and his sidekick, Mika Brzezinksi, regaling their tiny audience with one of Adam Gadahn’s terrorist videos – which these imbeciles take completely seriously and swallow one hundred percent.  No joke – after the video, they ask if House Speaker John Boehner really wants to be on the side of al-Qaeda by opposing new gun control laws.

For the benefit of any loyal MSNBC fans who might have stumbled upon this post, and now sit before their monitors with a thin line of drool running down their chins, wondering what the fuss is about, Conn Carroll of the Washington Examiner explains:

Gadahn’s statement is, of course, completely false. But we shouldn’t be surprised that Scarborough and Brzezinski are passing of al Qaeda propaganda as truth. President Obama committed the same error when he was campaigning for gun control recently in California. Obama claimed that the Sandy Hook killer used an ‘automatic weapon’ on his victim’s in Newton, Connecticut this December.

CNN’s Jake Tapper then fact checked Obama. “That is not correct,” Tapper explained. “It was a semiautomatic weapon, not a fully automatic weapon. Most fully automatic weapons, machine guns, are essentially banned to the public. … This is not the first time a leading advocate for gun control has stumbled on the facts,” Tapper concluded.

If the gun control crusade is so righteous, why can’t it be presented honestly and rationally?  How did Scarborough’s entire production team fail to realize their al-Qaeda propaganda video was a pile of malarkey?  Or do they, and Obama, know the difference between automatic and semi-automatic weapons, but hope their audience doesn’t?