Jay-Z Breaks Law Delivering Water For Life

Rapper, entreprenuer, and political outcast Jay-Z is again on trial for breaking the law by visiting an impoverished nation.  In the above clip, you can obviously see the corruption and evil behind the eyes of this former drug dealer.  In a visit to Durban, South Africa, the rapper once again flooded the streets with WATER.

Yes, the man the conservative media loves to hate invested his own money and star status to promote creative and inexpensive ways to bring fresh water to needy children.  Yes, the camera was rolling when Jay-Z marched miles through the woods in his Timberlands to experince the daily routine of some South African children, who sacrifice and
stuggle just to get an education. 

Where was the HIGHLIGHT of this moment?  Why weren’t we talking about this success story when we talk about the power of the individual to change the world? Without government subsidy, might I add.

We constantly complain when Democrats take one snap shot of a Conservative and try to brand them with that image. When will we stop playing their game? If you have no problem attacking, then you should also have no problem giving props when props are due.

Jay-Z, Water for Life:  “I grew up thinking I was poor.  I ain’t never been poor.  This is poor.”  Use that to explain American Exceptionalism.


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