Questions mount for former DNC chair Terry McAuliffe. Is this the next Democrat green-doggle?

Questions mount for former DNC chair Terry McAuliffe. Is this the next Democrat green-doggle?

As tax day approaches and American’s struggle to pay their growing “total tax burden” the hard-earned taxpayer dollar is the currency of cronies. Taxpayer funded support of cronies in Washington DC is breaking America’s piggy bank. Now visas may also be for sale.

Reported on Virginia official wants probe of McAuliffe company ‘visa-for-sale’ program

A Virginia state senator has issued a demand for a federal review of what state officials called a “visa-for-sale scheme with potential national-security implications.”
Sen. Tom Garrett, R-Louisa, submitted his request Thursday to the head of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service, which administers the EB-5 private-investment program.

Last Friday, it was revealed that Terry McAuliffe quietly resigned late last year from the electric car company he founded. McAuliffe stepped down as GreenTech Automotive Inc.’s chairman sometime before December 1, 2012.

GreenTech promised that in its first phase alone it would invest $1 billion, employ 1,500 and produce 150,000 cars annually. Terry McAuliffe unveiled his signature MyCar in July 2012 at an event attended by Former President Clinton and Governor Haley Barbour. 

(Kimberly Strassel, Op-Ed, “Terry McAuliffe’s Solyndra,” The Wall Street Journal, 4/11/13)

“This is of particular interest, since GreenTech looks to be a lemon. Despite promising production in 2011, there is no evidence the company is manufacturing any cars in volume. It is operating out of a temporary site and has yet to begin building its flagship factory in Tunica. GreenTech is the latest proof (after Solyndra, Fisker, A123 and others) that the political class is adept at hooking up cronies and investors with taxpayer dollars. But creating jobs? No can do.”



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