The Pursuit of Manliness

The Pursuit of Manliness

While I was doing some research for my recent interview with bestselling author and Breitbart contributor Brad Thor I came across this piece he wrote for Michigan Avenue magazine.  He writes, “Fromthe boardroom to the bedroom, nothing projects manliness like the steely calm that comes from knowing you can handle yourself in any situation.” 

It’s a short article and worth a read.

Truly, nothing is more enticing than a man who knows his way around… everything.  Just the other day I was discussing with some people how there has been a surge in women learning old traditions like canning, knitting, sewing, and other skills, but we don’t hear much about men learning old (or forgotten skills).  I then quizzed a male coworker — Can you change a tire?  Can you start a fire?  Can you (charcoal) grill?  Can you at least diagnose a car problem even if you can’t fix it?  Can you handle a power saw?   Can you butcher a whole pig? 

We need more Ron Swansons (and Brad Thors).