Hollywood PI Recorded JFK Having Sex with Marilyn Monroe

Hollywood PI Recorded JFK Having Sex with Marilyn Monroe

Unpublished files of a notorious Hollywood PI reveal he overheard John F. Kennedy having sex with Marilyn Monroe. The files also indicate that Marilyn, JFK and Robert Kennedy had a loud fight the day she died.

Fred Otash was a private investigator for Hollywood’s elite in the 1950s and 60s. At one point Otash bugged the Malibu house of actor Peter Lawford. Lawford was a member of the “rat pack” who had married JFK’s sister, Patricia Kennedy, in 1954. In an unpublished book, Otash claims he heard a tape recording of JFK and Marilyn having sex at Lawford’s house, though he said that was never the intent of the surveillance.

In addition Otash’s notes indicate that he was listening in on Marilyn at her own house the day she died. He had earlier bugged the house when the actress hired him to put a recording device on her home phone. Otash claims Marilyn got in a loud argument with JFK and his brother Robert. Marilyn was reportedly angry that “she was passed around like a piece of meat.” According to Otash, Robert Kennedy put a pillow over her face to shut her up and once she had quieted down he left. The next day Otash learned from Peter Lawford that Marilyn was dead.

Last year former White House intern Mimi Alford wrote a book about her affair with JFK which began in the White House when she was 19 years old. Alford’s book “Once Upon a Secret” described two occasions when President Kennedy asked her to provide sexual favors for other men, including Kennedy’s younger brother Ted. So it seems well within the realm of possibility that Marilyn’s anger about being “passed around” by Kennedy were justified.


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