Chris Christie Slow Jams the News

Chris Christie is running in 2016. This clip shows why he, unlike the two prior GOP nominees, can win. Can u dig it?

In this age of low information voters, you don’t win elections without being able to do this sort of thing. What exactly is this sort of thing? It’s being a celebrity and having a winning sense of humor about yourself. Serious and competent don’t get it done anymore. It’s not just Romney who learned that last election cycle, Hillary did too.

Look, Obama won the last election on a negative, often mean, campaign designed to paint Romney as the “other.” Romney was rich, religious, distant from ordinary concerns. Obama was one of us. Romney might be a better manager, but Obama cared. That simple message won the day, especially after it was solidified by the 47% video and, weeks later, Obama’s response to Sandy.

The 47% clip was not an issue so much as a vibe. The same was true with Obama’s Sandy response. He took a helicopter tour for a few hours. It wasn’t a policy, it was a signal about the type of person he was, the type which people want as President.

There’s no reason to think future elections will be any more focused on issues. They will be about personality and character traits which appeal to people beyond specifics. Looked at from this perspective the choice in 2012 was obvious. Obama was charming even when he was not telling the truth. Romney (and McCain before him) were often stiff even when they were.

Christie is clearly not the candidate of conservatives’ dreams, but he is the candidate who can win in the often shallow media space where campaigns are actually fought these days. That may not be the country we want but the last two elections show it is the one we’ve got.

As for Hillary, she may or may not be a competent manager but can she slow jam the news? I don’t think so. In 2016, Democrats may find out that selling the cool factor cuts both ways. Can u dig it?