Peep Show – Must See

Peep Show – Must See

Last night I went digging around for season 8 of Peep Show on Hulu, and found it – a splattering of six blissfully evil episodes of this British series that will dig into your brain and stay there.

If you’ve never watched Peep Show, you’re missing out on perhaps the darkest, most brutally honest tv show about life, friendship, ego and insecurity.  By exposing pretension and self absorption at every turn, it becomes an unlikely champion for morality, common sense, and doing the right thing. But everything about it is awful. 

The plot’s pretty bare: it’s about two friends who go through their mundane lives secretly hating each other. The viewer is allowed to hear their thoughts. Hence “Peep Show.” 

The performers are all fantastic, but one stands out: The not-so-secondary character Super Hans, a daft drug addict always on the scam, full of twitchy knowledge and conspiracy – the product of speed, weed, and isolation. He is a comic find, and for anyone who has spent time around druggies – is as real as real can get. 

He’s played by Matt King, and I’ve included below, a You tube clip, entitled, the Best of Super Hans, as a taste. However, he shines best within the episodes, where he steal scenes with reckless abandon.


Now…Go to Hulu, start at season one, and I’m guessing you probably won’t stop.