Wasserman Schultz Can't Blame Bush for Not Beefing Up Border Security, Or Can She?

Politifact just fact-checked a recent statement that the Congresswoman made about border security and enforcement.

“President Obama has the most border patrols and border security deployed at the border of any previous president.“-Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz

 Wasserman Schultz  was given a “Mostly True” rating, but Politifact uncovered that the surge or spike in border patrol agent hirings “really occured under the Bush Administration from 2001-2008,”  which  increased the national total of agents from 9800 to 20,000.

In addition, Wasserman Schultz gave Obama ‘big props’ for “border security deployed.”

But according to Politifact, “the Secure Fence Act of 2006, passed by a Republican-led Congress and was signed by Bush. It authorized the construction of hundreds of miles of additional fencing along the border with Mexico and called for adding unmanned aerial vehicles, satellites, radar and cameras. The fenced segments totaled roughly 650-700 miles, while the entire U.S.-Mexican border is about 2,000 miles long. Obama, an Illinois senator at the time, voted for the law.”

 Politifact added this: “As for the second part of her claim about border security, we found that it was a little harder to qualify. Again, there was the big border fence project that was started in the Bush administration and that was carried forward under President Obama. That’s why we rated this statement mostly true.”