Convicted: Man Impersonated Cop To Kidnap Man, Have Sex With His Wife

Santa Ana, Ca. ( – A 33-year-old man was convicted Tuesday for posing as a police officer so that he could kidnap a man with the goal of having sex with the man’s wife. Tariq Ibrahim Musa was convicted of two felony counts: kidnapping to commit a sex offense and kidnapping for extortion.

According to prosecutors, in April of 2009, Musa, posing as an officer, approached a 22-year-old man who was selling counterfeit CD’s in a Santa Ana parking lot. Musa flashed a security badge, told the man he was under arrest, and guided him into a Nissan Altima.  The charade continued as Musa made use of a radio to presumably call in the fake arrest. 

He then asked the victim to hand over his wallet where Musa noted a photo of the man’s wife and child. Prosecutors say Musa was taken with her beauty and told the man he would be cleared of all charges if he let Musa spend an hour with her. The alternative: the man would be sent to a federal prison for 10 years before being deported back to Mexico.

Musa then accompanied the man back to his apartment where he told the victim to bring out his wife. What happened next isn’t entirely clear, but somebody managed to call the real police who apprehended Musa.

The would be Casanova cop faces seven years to life in prison.