The other Thor should tackle the Federal Reserve, too

In response to Thor’s Latest Thriller Tackles Secretive World Of The Federal Reserve:

This would also have been a great plot for the upcoming sequel to the Marvel super hero Thor movie.  Imagine the Hammer of the Gods smashing through the wall of the Federal Reserve, and the son of Odin striding through the wreckage to haul a terrified Ben Bernanke to his feet and bellow, “Time to answer for your monetizing of the debt, knave!”  Then Bernanke could turn into a 30-foot troll with a spiked club, and it’s on, baby.  

Fiscal policy debates would finally be accessible to the masses!  You could probably get federal funding for the project as infotainment.  And just think what Johnny Depp could do with a guest-starring role as Paul Krugman!

But seriously, Brad Thor is awesome, and every one of his books should be read immediately by anyone who has not yet had the pleasure.  The Scott Harvath saga really deserves to be read from the beginning.  There has been much talk of conservatives getting into the Hollywood game.  A few Brad Thor adaptations would be a great way to start.  Or maybe even the liberal studio heads will get tired of losing money on drivel like White House Down…