Police: Baby Hospitalized After Eating Grandmother's Meth

Police: Baby Hospitalized After Eating Grandmother's Meth

ARKANSAS – A 10-month-old baby was airlifted to a Little Rock hospital after police say she ingested methamphetamine belonging to her grandmother. Shortly after midnight on Wednesday, Jonesboro police were called to the emergency room after doctors detected the presence of meth in the baby’s system.  

Hospital staff told police that the baby was wide eyed and she “could not stay still and was moving constantly and appeared to be very scared.”

The baby’s 20-year-old mother, Courtney Stevens, told police that she heard her baby screaming ten minutes after she was put to bed by her mother, Marsha Stevens, 36. After finding the child vomiting, the child’s mother called 911.  

Stevens told police that when the ambulance arrived, her mother handed her a plastic baggie that was “wet and appeared to have been chewed on.” According to the report, she also let police know of her mother’s ongoing use of methamphetamine. 

Police ran both women’s names through dispatch and discovered that Marsha Stevens had been arrested on multiple occasions in the past for possession of meth and was on active probation. Officers then went to the home and arrested Marsha Stevens for introducing a controlled substance to another’s body, possession of drug paraphernalia and a probation hold.

Courtney Stevens was cited for endangering the welfare of a minor because she was aware of her mother’s drug use and aware of the presence of drugs in the home. 

In a statement to a local reporter, she said, “I cant have my baby back on the simple fact that my momma has a drug history and leaving my baby with my momma while I was going to a job interview was my fault. Their taking my baby because of that.”

I’m fairly certain she meant “They’re taking my baby because of that.” 


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