Report: Anthony Weiner Texting Woman Post-Scandal

The gossip site The Dirty claims to have uncovered new message exchanges between Anthony Weiner–under the pseudonym Carlos Danger–and a 22-year old woman who wishes to remain anonymous.

The Dirty posted a statement from the woman (warning there is a crotch shot which has been partly covered up at this link):

The part that’s most annoying is that I was 22 and in a bad place, butif anyone asked him he would say the same thing about himself, yet he’san adult. This was a bad situation for me because I really admired him.Even post scandal, I thought he was misunderstood. Until I got to knowhim. I thought I loved him. Pretty pathetic.

Last August he even offered to help me get a condo in Chicago, withoutme asking. I’ll send screenshots of everything. I’m trusting you to keepmy name out of it, because like I said, it was obviously a mistake. Iwas young and dumb. I just want people to really know he’s lying when heacts like he has changed.

The woman claims that the relationship lasted 6 months and involved frequent phone conversations. She claims Weiner offered to help get her a condo in Chicago.

In addition, The Dirty posted a series of messages between the man, allegedly Weiner, and the anonymous woman. These are explicit in a way that is reminiscent of messages revealed during the Weiner scandal which led to his resignation.

The Dirty claims these messages are post scandal but there are no dates displayed with the messages so it is impossible to verify. The only clear time reference is “last August” which appears in the statement above.

Buzzfeed contacted Weiner’s staff early Tuesday morning and asked for comment one way or the other. Hours later they have not received a response other than a promise that a response is forthcoming.

It must be noted that The Dirty is an online tabloid not known for breaking big news stories. The footer at the bottom of the site reads “The content that is published contains rumors, speculation, assumptions,opinions, and factual information. Postings may contain erroneous orinaccurate information.” In other words, take this with a grain of salt.