Senor Carlos Danger Past, Present and Future…

This is not just hubris and narcissism, a violation of the public trust and bad judgment, Anthony Weiner aka CARLOS DANGER is a man with serious problems when it comes to women. How many psychologists would like to ask him why he chose this pseudonym.

We also have to question the judgment of these women also who engage in this type of behavior with one, a public figure and two, someone who behaves as Weiner does. If he takes time to type, read and send such messages, it’s more than an off-hand remark or sex-play talk, it’s deliberate.

Even at 23, Sydney Leathers capable of exhibiting good judgment.

I’m no prude but the cultural decline in America should be examined by all. It’s too pervasive to be ignored. Just look at her list of heroes – Anthony Weiner, Bill Maher, Alan Grayson, Julian Assange, Keith Olbermann and more.

Additionally: Add this type of behavior by Weiner below pre 2011 scandal. And we have a track record which may be longer and more disturbing.

From 2011 article with transcript from a Radar Online article 

From transcript of a nine-month “sexting” relationship Weiner had with a Las Vegas blackjack dealer.

Radar Online posted the transcript, and it is rife with misogyny and distorted views about women. In referring to oral sex, Wiener tells her, “You will gag on me before you c** with me in you” and “[I’m] thinking about gagging your hot mouth with my c***.”

“I hear liberal girls are very, uh, accommodating of other[s],”

He asks the woman, who is Jewish, “You give good h**d?” and she says yes, he exclaims: “Wow a Jewish girl who sucks c***! this thing is ready to do damage.”

This comes full circle now, until next time…

Later, Leathers claimed Weiner became “controlling” toward the end of their online relationship. He would tell me that he would be jealous,” Leathers said. “He would look at my Facebook frequently. He would tell me that he would get jealous if other men would compliment me. Just little stuff like that.”