The Pervert Spiral: Worst Case Scenario About a 'Mayor Anthony Weiner'

Late last week I used this space to dispel
the myth that Anthony Weiner’s private life was his own affair
and should not concern voters. After all, some
argue, if Weiner’s wife is willing to forgive, who are we to judge? Well, any
behavior that might compromise anyone to a point where they can be blackmailed
into doing something against the public interest should always worry voters,
and is most certainly “our business.”

What should really worry New York City voters, though, is
that it is not uncommon for individuals who engage in the kind of reckless
behavior Anthony Weiner has confessed to, to seek out even more reckless
thrills after the old ones lose their juice.

I’m not going to speculate about how that behavior might
manifest itself in Weiner, but like drug addicts, some sexual degenerates need
to chase bigger and bigger highs to get their “fix.”

There is evidence that Weiner might already be caught in
this spiral. As a sitting congressman, he risked everything in his adventures
in online flashing. After he was caught and lost his Congressional seat, Weiner
appeared in major media outlets to assure America he was cured. The photo
spreads featured a loving father to a lovely wife and newborn, and there was
already talk of him running a redemption campaign for mayor of New York.  

The fact that during this carefully-managed rehabilitation campaign
Weiner continued his online flashing with strange woman was an even bigger risk
than what came before — and therefore a bigger “high.”

So what could possibly come next, especially after an already
out-of-control ego is fed with becoming one of the most powerful mayors in the