'Dictator Palin' Concerns Liberal Democrat Alan Grayson

'Dictator Palin' Concerns Liberal Democrat Alan Grayson

Liberal Democrat Alan Grayson, for whatever reason, seems to feel that former Governor Sarah Palin is the biggest threat to his liberal way of life, and takes another swipe at her in his response Steiner.

  Well, Yes, I heard Rush Limbaugh almost ranting incoherently about this just a few days ago on the radio. He is very concerned about the fact that ‘Dictator Obama’ can get this information, I’m more concerned about the possibility that Dictator Palin can get this informationRep. Alan Grayson (D)

 Grayson first targeted Palin in one of his fundraising emails. Read more here

 Grayson’s “Dictator Palin” remark was made a couple days before he made another questionable remark to a Central Florida news station. Grayson referred to Hispanics as “brown people,” prompting his Republican Congressional opponent, Jorge Bonilla, to pounce on the comment.

  NBCLatino picked up on Bonilla response, forcing Grayson to respond to Bonilla.

 “By absurdly claiming that “Republicans don’t want to do anything that would help brown people”, Mr. Grayson reduces an entire group of human beings to color-coded political pawns.”Jorge Bonilla (Website)

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