Fired For Posting Paycheck – Can't Live In NYC On $1500 Per Week

There is a serious economic problem with people being priced out of living in New York City. I feel for those who can’t afford to live in the Big Apple. The basic cost of living plus total tax burden is enormous on good salary earners. 

Both blue collar and white collar workers in Manhattan and surrounding boroughs are unable to live and work where they were raised. Those who make New York function on a daily basis, work but can’t live there. If New York elects Anthony Weiner or Christine Quinn mayor in 30 days, the combination of Mayor and city council could put the city on a Detroit track towards failure.

As for Wade Groom he embarrassed Lacoste, and that is debatable. Wade posted his paycheck which contains the banking information for Lacoste, and there is the fatal error. Sadly his family will suffer more minus the up to $1500.00 per week he was making. Wade Groom is not the perfect example.

As reported in the Daily Mail:

A top salesman at Lacoste’s flagship New York store has claimed that he was fired for posting a picture of his paycheck on Instagram.

Wade Groom, from Brooklyn, New York, told Gothamist that he was merely ‘expressing his frustration’ with the expensive cost of living in New York, not with Lacoste in particular, when he shared a zoomed-out image of his pay slip.

‘I was making as much as $1,500 a week selling shirts, but I’m not able to give my kids a better life, even if I’m working my butt off,’ he told the newspaper, explaining that he made $15 an hour and received a three per cent commission during his three months on the job.