A Race Hustler Weighs In: Jesse Jackson 'Frowns Upon' Chris Lane Murder

In response to Race-Baiters Silent After Two Black Teens Gun Down White Jogger:

People have been waiting for the Rev. Al, Jesse Jackson,  Ben Jealous, et.al. to weigh in on the Christopher Lane murder, which is only the latest example of  black on white crime being ignored by the grievance industry.

Well, here you go. The same guy  who hyperventilated, “blacks are under attack!” following the Trayvon Martin killing, did not hold back:

It’s good to know that senseless murders like the one perpetrated by three bored teenagers in Oklahoma “just for fun” is frowned upon. 

Last month following the Zimmerman verdict, Jackson told Chris Hayes on MSNBC that there should be “massive protests” in every town.

He also called Florida the “Selma of our time,” and an “apartheid” state. No doubt, if we give him time, he’ll grace us with some more brilliant analysis about the state of Oklahoma, using the Democrats’ “Preventing Gun Violence Through Effective Messaging” playbook. 

“I hope that this will be a transformative moment”, he’ll intone. “No justice, no peace. The indifference to this NRA culture of violence will just intensify our protests.”