Time for the Million Frown March Against Random Savagery

In response to A Race Hustler Weighs In: Jesse Jackson ‘Frowns Upon’ Chris Lane Murder :

I’ve been trying to process this message from Jackson for hours, and I’m still in shock.  It’s like his soul went out of warranty, he skipped the 50,000 mile tune-up, and now the whole thing’s just a pile of inert junk.  

I cannot imagine any human thought process coming up with the words “frowned upon” to describe the murder of Chris Lane.  If anyone dared to use such tepid language with reference to the Trayvon Martin shooting, Jesse Jackson would round up a squad of protesters and camp out on their lawn. 

It’s so amazing that I’d actually be inclined to believe Jackson if he claimed his Twitter account had been hacked.  I’m aware of no such claim.

We’re talking about an unspeakable atrocity, an act of savage barbarism, not a breach of etiquette.  There’s a lively Twitter hashtag, #FrownedUpon, collecting sarcastic demonstrations of how the phrase can be used properly.  But of course, Jesse Jackson understands the rules of conversational English.  He said this – he typed this – because he’s a heartless political animal who can’t see any particular reason he should get worked up over Chris Lane’s murder.  There’s no profit in it for Jesse.  He might even be thinking further ahead than some of the other gun-control nuts and realizing this is not a useful incident for them.  Quite the reverse – a raft of existing gun laws didn’t slow these thugs down a bit.  “Gun culture” has nothing to do with the murder.  It’s all about “gang culture,” and that’s not something the race hustlers want to tangle with.

I’d also point out that calling this atrocity “senseless” is not entirely accurate.  They did this for a reason: they were steeped in racism, worshiped gangsters, and evidently had a lot of time to kill, both metaphorically and literally.  This killing was not an outbreak of temporary insanity.  It’s also not unique, or unprecedented.  The victims usually pile up in blue-state gun-controlled urban kill zones, so the Left doesn’t want to talk about them.