'Try God' Billboard Vandalized

'Try God' Billboard Vandalized

A billboard located along the heavily-trafficked Massachusetts Turnpike, advertising a Catholic radio station was reportedly vandalized. According to the manager of the talk show promoted on the billboard, listeners called into report that the billboard was altered from “Try God” to “Try God, the Other WHITE Meat.” 

Manager of Catholic Radio Chris Kelley said:

“it’s very sad” that someone would deface the “uplifting message” encouraging people to turn their radio dials to the station. “This is clearly not a circumstance of some teenagers with spray paint. Someone went to a lot of trouble to make it appear that the new text was a real billboard message,” Kelley said of the sign, which stands along I-90 in Brighton.

The “Try God” campaign is running in the Boston area until September 22. There are 23 billboards around the Boston community on major highways like 93N and 93S.

Kelley was optimistic about the situation. “This act, however, is an indication that the ‘Try God’ billboard campaign is attracting attention and making people reflect on the role of God in our lives. That attention is the silver-lining and a sign that the campaign already has been successful.”

He did admit he wasn’t sure what the “the other white MEAT” meant.

Scot Landry, host of The Good Catholic Life radio program at the station said he would guess it is an act against people of faith. “This act of vandalism was certainly not a prank. It should cause us to reflect on the subtle and not-so-subtle ways that hostility is increasing against the practice of faith and against religious expression…The message of ‘Try God’ is a hopeful one as it invites everyone, in some way, to connect with a faith community and participate in building a civilization of love.”

The message on the defaced billboard was restored as of Monday morning. 


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