Why Are Arab-Americans Silent on Syria?

Ed Lasky makes a great point at the American Thinker today: the Obama administration is drafting pro-Israel groups to help sell his Syria policy to Congress (including, alarmingly, the Republican Jewish Coalition). But where are the Arab-American and Muslim groups, and why is Obama ignoring them?

Lasky notes: “Here we have a case where at least 100,000 Muslims have been murdered and these groups have been all but invisible in efforts to save their own people’s lives.” He adds that these groups are hyperactive “when there is even a whiff of prejudice towards Muslims.” So where are they now?

The result of Obama’s policy–and the apparent short-sightedness of pro-Israel organizations willing to go along with him–is that Jewish organizations are being set (or setting themselves) up to face charges of undue influence in foreign policy. Those charges did not stick during the Iraq War, but they might now.

The fact that Jewish and pro-Israel groups are willing to take the proverbial political bullet for Obama when he has never been willing to do anything for them–and, indeed, has done lot of damage to what they ought to care about–is a sign of how weak, fearful and misguided Jewish leadership in America actually is today.