Why Isn't the Media Asking the Celebrity Peace Theorists for Their Opinions on #Syria?

The media was intensely interested in the geopolitical musings of fading celebrities like Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen, and even everyday Average Joe citizens like Jackson Browne, during the Bush War Years.

Now that Obama, Nobel Peace Laureate, is gearing up for another #WarofChoice, we don’t hear much from them, and the media isn’t terribly interested in asking.

Why is this, I wonder?  Is it because the media fears that Bruce Springsteen’s uniformed mutterings will either embarrass Obama, or embarrass the Left by demonstrating their cynical hollowness on politics?

Is the media afraid that revealing the disgusting hypocrisy of our degenerate Celebrity Mandarins will damage this politically-useful Soft Headed Power in future political disputes?

Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen, the Dixie Chicks, Steven Tyler, Barbra Streisand, all the rest of the Angry Doves.  The media thought it was Important News when such Sages of Rodeo Drive could be used as ill-educated catspaws to pick at Bush.

But now? 

What are they afraid of?  A compelling story that gets a lot of traffic and actually advances people’s understanding of politics?



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