FBI Investigates Former COS of Rep. Joe Garcia (D)

The FBI is now formally investigating the former Chief of Staff and best buddy of Democratic Congressman Joe Garcia, for his possible involvement in a “phony Tea Party candidate’s secretly funded mail campaign.”

The Miami Herald’s reported this story –

“Jeff asked me to do a simple print job for him. I wasn’t aware there was any issue with it,” said Michael Kaplan, consultant for Dynamic Strategies. “I am helping [the FBI] and provided all the information requested to help the investigation.”

 Kaplan’s statements to the FBI and the media directly contradict Jeffrey Garcia’s longstanding denials two years ago that he was connected to the campaign of Arrojo, whose full name is Jose Rolando Arrojo. At the time, the Herald reported the two went to the same high school and were former business partners.

The FBI found Kaplan through Image Plus Graphics after the Herald reported in June that the well-respected print shop produced and mailed Arrojo’s fliers.

The FBI then subpoenaed all of Image Plus’ records related to Arrojo. Image Plus and Dynamic Strategies are not targets of the investigation.

 “When you get a subpoena from the FBI, you give them what they want,” said Cliff Warren, the former president of Image Plus who still works at the company from time to time.

 Warren and Kaplan, speaking from memory, said their records indicated Arrojo sent out roughly 18,000 fliers, which would have cost more than $10,000 to produce and mail.

Arrojo reported none of it, even though federal law requires candidates to disclose contributions and expenditures once they exceed $5,000.

Jeffrey Garcia, who is not related to Congressman Garcia, is currently under a state investigation for his possible involvement into the now infamous 2012 Miami absentee ballot request scandal. Garcia is also suspected by grassroots activists of possibly pulling the same kind of dirty tricks against former Congressman Allen West, as Garcia also consulted Patrick Murphy, who defeated West by a few hundred votes in the 2012 general election.

Rep. Joe Garcia has naturally denied any and all knowledge of wrong-doing, but others beg to differ. 


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